• Storm over Rust
    The late Autumn rust shades the ground from a storm approaching over Waterton's Mountains.
    Early season frost coats the barrens of the Scottish Highlands. Loch Nah Achlaise seems to serve as a gathering place for rocks frozen in the water.
  • Looming Over the Ridges
    The terrain of Island Lake Lodge near Fernie, BC is laid bare on a hike up the Spineback Trail. Big White looms large over its jagged ridges.
  • The Last Shades of Gold
    A pocket of trees holds on to the last of their fall colours.
  • Front Ranges of the Lizard
    A moody grey sky sweeps across the front of the snow covered Lizard Range before hitting the historic mining and ski town of Fernie, British Columbia.
  • Sunset over the Kootenay
    Peach and blue hues mirror each other on a lazy bend in the Kootenay River.
  • First Snow Last Light, The Steeples
    You can't help but notice the Steeples looming over their surroundings in southwestern British Columbia. A still Kootenay River reflects the autumnal colours, the season's first snowfall and the evening's last light.
  • Towers of Zion
    Utah rock soaks up the last of the day's light. A classic vista in Zion National Park.
  • Chardonnet
    Heavy winds and wet snow in Chamonix paint the Aiguille du Chardonnet with an unfamiliar white coat.
  • Sunset over Bryce
    Canyon spires from near to far in Bryce Canyon.
  • Blue Interrupted (Glen Canyon and Lake Powell)
    A place to cool off and enjoy the expansive views on the Utah/Arizona border. Brown earth interrupts the aqua and blue tones.
  • Crater Lake
    A spectacular deep water lake in Oregon. This great American wonder makes for wonderful views and chilly swimming.
  • Trinity and Proctor
    Fernie BC's landmarks coated in their fall colours.
  • Shaping of the Land
    Deep u-shaped valleys and gentle giants shape the land in Scotland's Highland region.