Artist's Statement

Landscape imagery is more than just a photograph, painting or piece of art. Its a window into the world's natural beauty and a reminder of all the wonderful spaces that exist beyond the hectic lives we've created for ourselves.

Striving to provide scenes of this beauty and a moment of relaxation for the viewer is the objective of my art. Whether viewed in your home, workplace or on my website I hope my images inspire you to spend more time exploring and thinking about the wonderful world outside.



Vancouver, Canada born photographer and outdoor enthusiast, Rob Oleksiuk has been creating images for over 15 years. His early work concentrated on fast paced action sports photography for print publications and events, a subject matter vastly different from the timeless landscape images he has produced in the past decade. While his love of the outdoors has always been a big part of his life it was the years of living in europe that led to an even greater appreciation for wild outdoor spaces and the simpler things in life. Rob's goal remains to represent his clients, the landscape and the viewer, with art that is sympathetic to all of nature's grandeur. Images can be found in the hands of fellow outdoor enthusiasts in both Canada and europe.